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“They really made my job much easier.  All I had to do was sit with them for half a day to brief them, and then they took full ownership.  They required virtually no supervision.  They developed their own questions, scripts, and reporting spreadsheets.


All I had to do was agree or disagree, so they saved me a lot of time and energy.  At the end of each day, they’d debrief me, telling me about the day’s hot-prospects.  They track percentages, such as number of calls, percentage successful, averages. etc., and they report on the quality of the calls.  At the end of the project they provide a full statistical report.


Before dealing with Demand Flow Intelligence, my experience with lead generators was limited to dealing with inexperienced temps (mostly backpackers, I think!), so I was fairly cynical.  Demand Flow really knows their stuff, and they know how to manage a successful lead generation campaign, so I don’t have to!”


Paul Sharpe, National Sales Manager

Classic Blue Computers

"Demand Flow Intelligence has been a supportive supplier over the past 3 years.  I have worked with them in a Marketing Manager capacity at two separate companies. 


They are always responsive to any queries and their service and quality of work is exceptional.  I have used the StrategMix system for over 3 years and it is a powerful direct marketing tool that provides robust measurement of the e-marketing initiatives.
I would recommend Demand Flow Intelligence as a supplier firm to any marketing professionals or a firm who needs support in their marketing programs.  Demand Flow Intelligence will provide insights and implementation support with professionalism and care at the highest levels."

Jan Bouhali
Group Marketing Manager
AirRoad Distribution Pty Ltd 

"Many thanks for the terrific lead generation work done by you and your team for Spectrax.


I must admit I was sceptical in the beginning, particularly as some associates in sales and marketing felt obliged to share their “negative experience” in this area.  I have subsequently taken great delight in recommending Demand Flow Intelligence to a number of these people following the success of our Lead Generation campaigns. 


What really impressed me was the care you spent in selecting the right DFI team member to  generate our lead opportunities and also being able to meet and brief them ourselves.  It was a huge plus knowing we had an articulate, intelligent person who understood our product, representing us to potential customers.


Also, in providing detailed back ground briefings and daily campaign reports, you gave us the knowledge to refine and focus our messaging during the campaign.


We intended to try just one campaign and we ended up running nine! The result is a large, qualified lead list, producing a steady stream of real opportunities."


Jason Ollivier
Group Sales & Marketing


"Demand Flow Intelligence has the rare ability to combine deep business audience engagement around complex technical topics with strong systems and processes that enable easy management of acquired leads and intelligence.


A key productivity value add  is that they are self-actuating and highly reliable, resulting in low management overhead and demands on my own time, while ensuring I can maintain confidence in desired outcomes for projects they are engaged for.


They have proven to be highly responsive and always look to add value and go the extra mile. I unreservedly recommend them to any high-value solution vendor that has long lead time sales and a requirement for the range of services Demand Flow Intelligence offer."


Jozef Wysen

IBM Global Alliance Solutions

Business Development

"I have worked with Demand Flow Intelligence (DFI) since 2011 across a range of initiatives including lead generation, account profiling, attendance driving, data cleaning and data segmentation.



Their knowledge of the local market is of great benefit in helping us to reach our specific objectives.  I often throw last minute projects at the team who assimilate my requirements and turnaround required quotes and resources quickly and with minimal direction.  DFI always go the extra mile and look to add value at all times."


Joanne Schofield

Marketing Director


"Demand Flow Intelligence (DFI) is a different kind of B2B lead generation agency. I contacted DFI because I needed someone who can initiative meaningful business conversations with C-level executives and provide highly qualified marketing leads. Andy and his team are highly experienced senior lead generators who understand the complexity of today’s B2B buying process and the art and science of persuasion."


Marcus Schulz

Marketing Manager ANZ,

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer Business

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