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Our Partners


These are some of the organisations we really love working with.

StrategyMix are our preferred Marketing Automation Platform provider.


We have operated as a StrategyMix Business Partner since 2003 and have now implemented over 50 sites, including their largest enterprise installation.


We love the responsiveness that we get from StrategyMix and their openness to product improvement suggestions.


If you need an affordable, comprehensive, easy-to-use Marketing Automation Platform then visit

Marketing Options

Marketing Options International (MOI) is our recommended Creative B2B Marketing Agency.


We have worked in partnership with MOI on a number of campaigns and have always enjoyed the synergy and focus that we share, combined with the MOI creative flair.


If you need help turning heads, then look no further than

Talking Sells

Talking Sells is a breakthrough video format that deploys a non-branded approach to getting your message across.


These unique 3 minute brand-free mini-programmes enable consumer objections to be raised and handled in a “real-life” way without any risk of brand damage.


Demand Flow Intelligence is the key partner for the Talking Biz-tech channel, bringing this new concept to the B2B technology world.


If you need to find a new way of cutting through to your audience by  sponsoring a brand placement, then go to

Katalyst Consulting are our recommended Sales Consulting partner.


If you have a problem in closing business, the integrity of your lower funnel, sales incentive schemes or sales performance in general, Katalyst Consulting helps you to address those issues.


As we often say, DFI helps you to catch them and Katalyst Consulting helps you to skin them.


We encourage you to go to to learn how to raise your sales performance even higher.

Craig Rispin
Future Trends Group

Craig Rispin is our Futurist in residence and our favourite speaker.


Craig is consistently rated the best speaker at conferences with the toughest audiences in the world including: CEOs, Lawyers, Bankers, Accountants, CIOs and even teenagers!


If you need a charismatic speaker who can speak about technology and draw a crowd of C-Levels, then Craig is your man.


We frequently collaborate closely with Craig to develop compelling topics and content for seminars, that will be well attended.


We help you acquire your audience and Craig thoroughly educates and entertains them.


To find out more about Craig’s stellar track record, go to

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