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Getting to know us

What is a “Market Geologist”?

To our clients, a new high-value customer can be almost as difficult to find as a nugget of gold. Just as a geologist uses the characteristics of the landscape to identify where valuable minerals will be found, and how best to extract them, DFI uses its experience and deep understanding of the ANZ market demography to identify the ideal customer profile (ICP) of its clients and where those organisations that fit the ICP, can be found.


This is supported with services related to the best way to mine for these organisations and assistance in then turning this knowledge into actual clients.


Why “Demand Flow Intelligence”? 

“Demand Flow” describes the shift to the need for products and services now being “pulled” by the consumers in the market. The historic model was that of products and services being “pushed” to the market by the vendors.


“Demand” cannot be forced. “Demand” is like water, which will always find the path of least resistance to its destination. We are experts in identifying the natural paths to market.

What do we do? We provide an array of services to vendors that help them to; define their marketing strategy, develop and execute marketing tactics, support all of this with accurate and relevant marketing data.

Our aims: Maximise our client’s marketing budgets and to reduce marketing waste through the provision of expert advice and leadership based on our deep knowledge of the high-value sales ANZ market.

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