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Strategic Services


Be sure you are looking in the right places

Market Location and Sizing

A strategic market intelligence service that assists you to find where best to mine your market, the potential market size and the composition.


Be digging in the right place!

Analyzing the data

Go-to Market Strategy Leadership

A consulting-based service that helps you to determine the best Go-to-Market strategies and most effective supporting tactics.


The best techniques to deploy for mining your market!

Marketing Automation & CRM Selection

A project-based service aimed to help you scope which Marketing, Sales or CRM platform suits your needs. We have first-hand experience with working with many sales, CRM and marketing platforms.


Get the right technology to manage the mine!

Market Benchmarking

An outbound tele-based service designed to deeply profile a target audience via an industry benchmark study. Great “bang for the marketing buck” as you not only get to profile your market, find leads and gather intelligence, but also generate some insightful re-usable content that positions you as an industry “thought leader”.


Establish the demography of the market and engage the audience through a great value-add presence!

Market Analysis

Qualitative Customer Satisfaction Surveys

An outbound tele-based service designed to engage and measure the satisfaction levels of existing customers in a qualitative conversational way. As well as identifying a Net Promoter Score (NPS) and any residual issues around your sales and service performance, you also get customer profiling, intelligence and identification of any upcoming sales opportunities.


Get extra yield from an established mine. Make customers feel valued and expressing everything you need to know!

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