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DAVE's Dirty Dozen Data Disasters: Missing information and how to fix it, quick!

DAVE’s ‘dirty dozen’ of data disasters continues!

DAVE, our ever-helpful Data Cleaning robot, spends all his time poring through client’s sales and marketing data and improving it so that it becomes a far more usable and valuable asset to their business.

DAVE wants to share his hard-won experience with you and has pulled together his top ‘dirty dozen’ of data disasters, which directly disrupt your day-to-day delivery of sales and marketing duties.

Over 12 weeks, we’ll break down each of the 12 dastardly data disasters for you, so you know what to look for and what to avoid – the last thing you want is your day to be dragged down by lousy marketing data.

We are continuing this week with #3: Missing contact information and how to fix it, quick!

Everyone’s marketing data is full of holes. More holes than they probably realise. The trouble is, you never get to know about a hole as, typically, most CRM’s and Marketing tools don’t bring them to your attention.

Marketers often like to target regionally by Country or State or, maybe, even down to a Postcode. If these values are missing in your marketing list data then those contacts don’t get included in your campaign. The result is a decrease in your marketing reach. DAVE loves looking for holes in your sales and marketing data and doing his utmost to complete them for you. If, even his sublime skills are insufficient, he will make sure he flags the hole for future enrichment.

Missing geographic information is just one example of the many ways DAVE – crafty character that he is – can resolve the many problems associated with gaps in your sales and marketing list data. DAVE also takes a good look at missing; company names, contact names, roles, industry values, company employee counts, revenue, phone numbers, mobile numbers, email addresses, and websites.

DAVE wants your marketing list to be worth a million bucks and can identify all this and fix it up, according to your preferred rules. DAVE’s clever. DAVE can do a lot of data things.

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