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Stump the Strategist - Value of LinkedIn marketing: What are the yields from marketing on LinkedIn f

Stump the Strategist is a fast-paced live event where our friends from Step Change get on stage and solve strategy and marketing challenges against the clock. The audience votes on whether the strategists were stumped.

Live Question: What are the yields from marketing on LinkedIn for a high value professional services business?

Answer Summary:

  • When connecting with people remember that it’s more about context than content. You need to provide people with value and give them a reason to connect with you

  • When searching for new leads try tapping into LinkedIn groups. People are already there to connect

  • Be mindful of Linkedin groups that contain a large number of non-prospects like recruiters, consultants and vendors. It’s likely that the remaining group members will be prone to audience fatigue

  • Be sure to optimise your LinkedIn profile. There are a few key steps to follow for LinkedIn best practice: be sure to get to 500+ connections as quickly as possible; ask your connections for recommendations and endorsements to add more content and credibility to your profile; and utilise the showcase feature to create a digital portfolio

  • If you’re planning on using social media be sure to use it in combination with your own database, because the Zuckerbergs of the world own the social media space and you need to own your own data

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