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Max My Profit - Special Offer

Thank you for watching the recent Max My Profit video, of the Facebook Live session. Here is a recap of the points that we covered.

The 8 top reasons why you should invest more in your marketing data

Marketing data is an area of business that is chronically under-invested. We would like to share the benefit of our experiences and give you some food for thought on why you should never skimp on your investment in your marketing data.

#1 Stop killing your audience! Make sure relevant people get relevant messages
TOP TIP: Get your data expertly and consistently segmented on a regular basis.

#2 A green field has the quickest yield. Get to new people
TOP TIP: Subscribe to a quality source of data so you can extend your reach on a regular basis.

#3 Personalised Marketing is coming! Be ready for it.
TOP TIP: Get your data health checked to ensure it’s in a fit state for personalised marketing

#4 Stop chasing Chimps when you need Orangutans! Make sure you are investing marketing time into the right targets
TOP TIP: Make sure your data includes segmentation on the Role and Seniority of the contact

#5 Have at least 80% of your addressable market identified
TOP TIP: Get your data cleaned, de-duped and enriched so you can accurately measure what you have. Engage an expert provider to research your custom market size data

#6 Make that CRM pay you back
TOP TIP: If you are moving to a new marketing platform, get your data cleaned and segmented at the same time as the data transformation work. If you are staying put, with your system, get your data audited – it’s almost certainly dirtier than you think!

#7 Add underlying value to your business
TOP TIP: Get your data certified for quality and reach before you put your business on the market

#8 Monetize your data
TOP TIP: Get your data segmented so you can find and leverage the intelligence contained within


Special Data Health Audit offer for Max My Profit Clients

Now we have convinced you of the need to improve your customer and marketing data, the two big questions are: “What scope is there to improve my data?” and “How much is it going to cost?”

Demand Flow Intelligence (DFI) wants to help you answer those questions by giving you a special rate on our Data Health Audit services. Our usual standard fee is $3,500 + GST for up to 15,000 records. For Max My Profit clients we are extending the very special rates of :-

•    Up to 5,000 records - $997 + GST
•    Up to 10,000 records - $1,497 + GST
•    Up to 15,000 records - $1,997 + GST
•    Over 15,000 records – Price on Application

What will the Audit tell you? The DFI Audit will reveal the health of a number of aspects of your data, such as:-

•    Irregular company names
•    Number of suspected duplicate records
•    Missing key data segmentation elements, such as:-
     o    Industry codes
     o    Company size
     o    Job titles
•    Incomplete postal addresses
•    Invalid phone numbers and email addresses

Not only will we report on the health of your data, but we will “beautify” it at the same time.

-    Suspected duplicate records flagged for easy cleaning and verification
-    Phone numbers will be regularized to consistent format.
-    Missing Contact Names derived from email addresses (and flagged accordingly for easy verification)
-    Missing Postal information derived from landline phone numbers (and flagged accordingly for easy verification)
-    Contact names formatted as First Name, Middle Name, Last Name to help address the duplicates issues

For more information, please click the button to contact us:-

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