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Define Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)



The Make-it-Measurable data cleaning process starts with a Discovery process aimed at identifying your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP).


In discussion with you, we will establish your targeting strategy and resultant segmentation needs, primarily around target Market segments (Industries) and targeted personas (Job roles).

Audit Existing Data

We analyse your data for field completeness, regularity and normality, as to scope the best approach and full data cleaning methodology.


During this phase, we will conduct some limited initial regularisation and normalisation of the data.


Regularisation addresses the regularity of the data, such as consistency of Company names.


Normalisation addresses the conformance of key fields, such as State, to normal values.


We will create a Data Leadership plan, with timelines and costs that addresses all aspects of your data.

Clean & Enhance

On agreement of the Data leadership plan scope and priorities, we provide the following service:

  • De-duping: we identify duplicate records and merge them

  • De-junking: we identify unusable junk records for deletion

  • Normalising: we normalise all data as to comply with the agreed data Standards, e.g. State codes, Country, Industries

  • Regularising: we regularise the data so that it is consistent, e.g. Company Names, Industries, States

  • Formatting: we format your data for consistency and ease of use, e.g. Phone number formats

  • Enhancement: we in-fill your existing data with missing key segmentation values, e.g. Contact Role, Job Function, Management Level

  • Extension: we procure additional data to extend your reach within existing Accounts and to add new Accounts

  • Usability: we conduct outbound calls to acquire; opt-ins, re-subscribes, replacement contacts, additional contacts, postal address

Measure Data

Once the data is full cleaned, segmented, enhanced and extended, we re-measure your data by preferred market segments and personas as to enable you to plan a programme of marketing tactics that leverage on the areas where your data reach is best.


High-relevance increases returns, cuts audience fatigue and reduces wasted marketing $’s.

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