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Extend Data

The Keep-it-Measurable recurring data maintenance service includes continuous acquisition and extension of your existing data.


Markets are subject to continuous change at a corporate level, with new local and global entrants, mergers, acquisitions and departures.


At a persona level, contacts frequently change roles, leave organisations and join organisations.

Auto Monthly Clean

Marketing Data, in particular, is subject to high volatility.


New data is frequently being introduced from a variety of sources, some of which are less well regulated than others.


Most organisations elect to enter into regular contracts to ensure that their infrastructure and applications are well maintained.


In these days of Big Data, data is the life blood of your systems and processes and one of your key assets.


Like all of your other assets, data needs to be regularly maintained, too.


Our automated monthly cleaning processes will protect you against the creation and acquisition of irregular non-conformant data by automatically applying the agreed data standard rules and updating your data during overnight processes.


Any non-conformant data that cannot be fixed is reported as an exception to be investigated.

Continuous Enhancement

As well as ensuring your data (new and old) is fully conformant to standards, we operate a program to continuously enhance your data to remove gaps and add  intelligence that can only be acquired through deep-research and direct contact.

Re-Measure Data

Once the data is full cleaned, segmented, enhanced and extended, we continuously re-measure your data by preferred market segments and personas as to enable you to track your on-going reach and form future data acquisition programmes.

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